One Product to rule them all…….

OrganiShield™ is the one product that can be utilized safely and effectively within all areas of your Agriculture, Livestock & Food production to manage almost all insect, mite, and tick issues without having to worry about leaving any chemical residue or buildup in or on the areas sprayed. It is food safe!! The active ingredients in OrganiShield™ are naturally occurring and will breakdown naturally once dry. We developed a proprietary way using sugars to synthesize the active ingredients on a larger scale in order to bring you OrganiShield™.

What is it made of and how does it work?…….

Sucrose octanoate esters (SOEs) the active ingredients in OrganiShield eliminates target pests by dissolving the waxy protective coating (cuticle) of the bug, causing them to dry out and die. OrganiShield was developed as a contact killer eliminating the need for alternating products because bugs can NOT develop a tolerance to OrganiShield. The pesticidal properties were discovered when researchers investigated the reason tobacco leaves were not attacked by mites and certain insect pests. OrganiShield is designed to mimic the natural pesticidal properties of the Wild Tobacco plant, Wild Tomato, Wild potato, and also the Petunia plant.

Targeted Pests