OrganiShield™: Changing The Bug Control Game!

OrganiShield™: Changing The Bug Control Game!

Most of your organic/natural pest control products come from an EPA pre-approved list of substances. Most people refer to the 25B List (below). These are common ingredients the industry has been using for years, but bugs have become crafty and have been building a tolerance to them. If you look below, OrganiShield™ (Sucrose Octanoate) is not on that list!

Click to access minrisk-active-ingredients-tolerances-jan-2018.pdf

From the beginning, and before we could sell one drop, OrganiShield™ had to go through the rigors of proving its efficacy and safety as a substance to the EPA! OrganiShield™ separates itself from the crowd because bugs CANNOT develop a tolerance to it! No matter what kind of soft-bodied bug OrganiShield™ touches, it kills the bug without leaving any residue!

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