Amazing Results for My Farm!

Amazing Results for My Farm!
I own Cherry Hillbilly Farms and started using OrganiShield on my world class Heirloom tomatoes and the results have been magnificent! My Heirloom varietal “Brads Atomic Grape” grew 8 feet tall!

8’ growth this year!

Look at the size of this Heirloom “Lovely Lush”

Lovely Lush Heirloom Tomato

And using OrganiShield is 100% safe for vegetables including Kale and Collard greens. Check out the before and after shots. Unbelievable results…plants thrive.

Before Aphids on leafy vegetables and zero pests after OrganiShield

Cherry Hillbilly Farms cannot be more thrilled with our produce production this year. Over 30% increase. Thank you again OrganiShield, truly the best performing Gardening product I’ve ever used!

30% increased yield!
Harmless to Bees and 🐞 Ladybugs

–Dan G., Owner Cherry Hillbilly Farms

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