About OrganiShield

OrganiShield – Plant Protection Like You’ve Never Seen!

What OrganiShield Protects:
OrganiShield protects any plant – from gardens to field crops and greenhouses to nurseries.

Choose OrganiShield for:
• Peace of mind
• Simplicity
• Increased yield
• Greater profit

OrganiShield Features and Benefits:
• The one and only product you need for bug control.
• Safe to spray with the lights on.
• Safe for use in the last 4 weeks; even day of harvest.
• No oils.
• No insect tolerance.
• FAST-acting – eliminates bugs within minutes to hours by contact.
• Organic.
• EPA approved.

OrganiShield eliminates and controls hundreds of bugs including:

• Adelgids
• Aphids (all types)
• Mites (all types
• Fungus gnats
• Thrips
• Whiteflies

• Caterpillars
• Soft scales
• Leafhoppers
• Leaf miners
• Glassy-winged sharpshooters
• Psyllids

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