“What is OrganiShield”

“Safe for People, Pets, Plants and Our Planet

OrganiShield is a registered organic biochemical insecticide and miticide. It’s active ingredient is a molecule called Sucrose Octanoate Esters (SOE’s), which belong to the organic chemical family sucrose fatty acid esters. SOE’s were first discovered in 1939 for use in cosmetics, food additives, and food preservatives to work as emulsifiers, which allow ingredients to bind/mix with each other, such as oil with water.

SOE’s with insecticidal properties were discovered in the late 1980’s when researchers found that certain plants secrete SOE’s from the tiny hairs of their leaves to ward of pests. Some of those plants include, the wild tobacco, wild tomato, wild potato, and petunia plants. The insecticidal properties of SOE’s work by dissolving the waxy protective coating of the target pests causing them to dry out and die.

After years of research our team has been able formulate a method of producing insecticidal SOE’s on a larger scale, allowing us to bring nature’s most effective and safest pest control to the world.

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OrganiShield Features and Benefits:
• Safe to spray with the lights on, or in the heat of the sun
• Safe to use day of harvest
• Doesn’t contain oils
• No insect tolerance
• FAST-acting – eliminates bugs within minutes to hours by contact
• USDA Organic and OMRI certified
• Safe for indoor houseplants

OrganiShield eliminates hundreds of bugs including:

• Adelgids
• Aphids (all types)
• Mites (all types)
• Fungus gnats
• Thrips
• Whiteflies

• Caterpillars
• Soft scales
• Leafhoppers
• Leaf miners
• Glassy-winged sharpshooters
• Psyllids

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