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Our Customers Agree!

“…I used it on my crop and saved my entire harvest (thousands of dollars), there were worms on all the flowers, Organishield is a great product no doubt!…”

Plamen Chukanov

“I’ve been using Organishield in my garden and have eliminated all my spider mites. I find its ingredients to be safe and very beneficial to any organic garden…”

Jason Hall

“… First off this is an amazing product if you get a chance to use it, do so with confidence, knowing that Organishield will not harm bees which is very important, due to what’s happening with the bee population in the world and the pivotal role that bees play in agriculture. Organishield also doesn’t kill beneficial insects and it won’t damage soil microbes like other pesticides will with their harmful ingredients. Furthermore, Organishield will not contaminate water supply runoff that eventually makes its way to nearby rivers, stream etc…”

Douglas Righter

“… I would like to share my thoughts on how OrganiShield has been a major roll in keeping pests to a minimum or eradicated completely. I’ve been using all organic nutrients and pest control for sometime now, as I’m dedicated to producing completely organic fruits and vegetables for my family and friends to consume worry free. Over the years i have done endless research and have tried other so called organic products, and none have given me the peace of mind i receive with Organishield.…”

Ludolph Kurry

“… This product has been a blessing to our farm as we have never found such an effective natural pest remedy in the 20yrs we’ve been growing personally and commercially. There is no other product on the market safe to use the day of harvest and does not contain any alcohol , and will leave absolutely no residuals. 11 Farming for family that have auto immune diseases, I feel safe using this product on our food crops.…”

Paul Goins


“Before- Aphids on leafy vegetables and zero pests after OrganiShield” -

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