What is OrganiShield™?

OrganiShield™ is a sugar-based Insecticide/Miticide/Ovicide that provides fast and sure biochemical control for a wide range of problem pests without leaving chemical residue or buildup in or on the areas sprayed.

How does OrganiShield™ work?

OrganiShield™ has a unique mode of action which creates holes in the target pest, causing rapid death from desiccation (drying out) and it’s surfactant properties also cause suffocation of targeted pests.

Is OrganiShield™ safe to use?

When used as directed OrganiShield™ is a safe as soap. It causes no skin irritation to humans, livestock, or pets. And just like soap, OrganiShield™ should not be sprayed directly in human or animal eyes. If you do get OrganiShield™ in eyes. Flush the eyes with water. OrganiShield™ will cause no permanent eye damage. Like getting soap in your eye.

Is OrganiShield™ safe for the environment?

Yes. OrganiShield™ is approved for use in organic farming and livestock production.

Is OrganiShield™ safe to use around food?

Yes. The ingredients in OrganiShield™ rapidly breakdown to leave no build up or residue in or on the areas sprayed. OrganiShield™ will not hurt or contaminate food if any spray gets in or on it. The active ingredients already exist in plants, so there is no fear of food contamination when using OrganiShield™.

Is OrganiShield™ a concentrate? If so what are the mixing instructions?

Yes. OrganiShield™ is a concentrate. For mixing instructions please see “strenght of solution” page. https://organishield.com/strength-of-solution/

After OrganiShield™ has been mixed to the proper solution strength, how long will it stay effective?

We recommend that you use OrganiShield™ within the first 12 to 24 hours of mixing it to the proper strength. After that the active ingredients start to breakdown naturally and it becomes less and less effective.

What is the shelf life of OrganiShield™ prior to mixing?

OrganiShield™ has been tested and proven to have at least a 3year minimum shelf life.

Is OrganiShield™ safe to use around people?

Yes. OrganiShield™ is safe to use around people. And it is also food safe.

If OrganiShield™ kills ticks on cows, does it impact the cow at all otherwise?

OrganiShield™ helps manage ticks and mites among other pest problems that cows and other livestock have without causing any harm to the animal or handler. OrganiShield™ may also be used like a shampoo on cows and livestock.