What is OrganiShield? 

OrganiShield is a sugar-based Food Safe Insecticide/Miticide that provides fast and sure biochemical control for a wide range of problem pests without leaving chemical residue or buildup in or on the areas sprayed.  

How Does OrganiShield Work? 

OrganiShield has a unique mode of action which creates holes in the target pest, causing rapid death from desiccation (drying out). Results are usually noticed with in minutes to hours of the spray making solid contact with targeted insects. 

Is OrganiShield Safe to use? 

When used as directed OrganiShield is as safe as soap. It causes no skin irritation to humans, livestock, or pets. And just like soap, OrganiShield should not be sprayed directly in human or animal eyes. If you do get OLS in your eyes. Flush the eyes with water. OrganiShield will cause no permanent eye damage. Like getting soap in your eye. 

Is OrganiShield safe for the environment? 

Yes. The ingredients in OrganiShield rapidly breakdowns to leave no build up  or residue in or on the areas sprayed. OrganiShield will not harm or contaminate food if any spray gets in or on it. The active ingredients which is Food Safe enjoys a tolerance exemption in and on all food commodities.

 After OrganiShield is mixed to spray, how long with it stay effective?

OrganiShield concentrate has 3-year shelf like. Once the product is mixed, we recommend using it within a couple of months. Simply shake up the unused amount and spray.  

Is OrganiShield safe to use around People? 

Yes. OrganiShield is safe to use around people. And it is also a Food Safe 


 Is it normal for OrganiShield to have variations in color and smell?

Yes, it is very common. The source of sucrose octanoate, such as sugar cane or sugar beet, can have natural variations in their composition. These variations can influence the color and odor of our final products active ingredient Sucrose Octanoate. The manufacturing process of sucrose octanoate may involve heating, reactions, or other treatments. Variations in processing conditions, such as temperature, pressure, or reaction time, can impact the final product's characteristics, including smell and color.

                        "It's important to note that these fluctuations in smell and color do not indicate a problem with the quality or safety of sucrose octanoate. At OrganiShield we implement the highest quality control measures to ensure that our product meets the necessary specifications and standards. However, variations can occur due to the complex nature of organic chemistry and the influence of environmental factors."