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OrganiShield™ 5 Gallon Container:
For commercial greenhouses and larger agricultural ventures, OrganiShield presents the Food Safe Insecticide/Miticide in a convenient 5 gallon container.
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Product Overview

OrganiShield™ comes as a concentrate. 5 gallons mixed with water will yield 235-626 gallons of ready to use solution depending on desired strength.

For 50gal/250gal size and discounted pricing please contact:

  • For first application and infestations, mix 80 ml of OrganiShield with one gallon of water. Our product is safe up to 100 ml.
  • Spray every other day until bugs are eliminated; then follow a maintenance schedule of every 7 to 10 days using 40 ml of OrganiShield per gallon of water.
  • Agitate mixture occasionally.
  • Apply thoroughly; spray bottoms of leaves up then spray top down until run off.
  • Must make contact with bugs.
  • Foliar application.
  • Day or night; lights on or off.